DIY Postcard Swap 2012 finito

Eccole tutte qui pronte per essere spedite , mancano solo gli indirizzi.

E adesso sono curiosa di vedere le card che riceverò.


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24 risposte a DIY Postcard Swap 2012 finito

  1. iHanna ha detto:

    They are so pretty! If I were you I would also add my e-mail to them, so that people can write and thank you for the card and let you know it arrived. 🙂 Just a suggestion.

    Mi piace

  2. sanztosi ha detto:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I do definitely

    Mi piace

  3. Pia ha detto:

    these are lovely, I hope I get one, it would look great in my kitchen 🙂

    Mi piace

  4. sanztosi ha detto:


    Mi piace

  5. Sarah (Flo) ha detto:

    these are so pretty 🙂 I can’t wait for posting day so I can send mine out into the world and wait to see what comes back 🙂

    Mi piace

  6. amy ha detto:

    So pretty!

    Mi piace

  7. cynthia eloise ha detto:

    i love them. i forgot to do the backs. your’s are so cute.

    Mi piace

  8. Emily Lagore ha detto:

    delightful cards Monica!! I can’t wait to see if I get one of your cards all the way from Itay – my fave country to visit!!

    Mi piace

  9. sanztosi ha detto:

    It ‘s been very nice to participate in this swap.
    I visited the wonderful blog

    Mi piace

  10. Madde ha detto:

    Pretty! and it´s so nice that you´re co-doing cards with your daughter. Have a great weekend!

    Mi piace

  11. sanztosi ha detto:

    you’re right.!!!!!
    great week end to you!!!

    Mi piace

  12. melanie ha detto:

    Beautiful cards! Everyone has such a different styles unique to each and every one. Would love to get one of your cards. Guess I will just wait and see what arrives in my mailbox!

    Mi piace

  13. sanztosi ha detto:

    Thank you!
    I really like to do 10 things similar but different!!
    Thanks for visiting and for commenting

    Mi piace

  14. Corrine ha detto:

    So pretty, love the doilies as accent. Wonderful to see this come in the mail. xox

    Mi piace

  15. sanztosi ha detto:

    thank you very much

    Mi piace

  16. Britta Schatz ha detto:

    I received one of these lovely cards. Thank you Monica!

    Mi piace

  17. sanztosi ha detto:


    Mi piace

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